Arab Mountain

The Martins at the Trailhead

Arab Mountain (2545 ft)

Difficulty: Gradual
Date of Summit: 4/19/2008
Trailhead to Summit: 3.4 miles
Trip Time: 3 hrs
Ascent: 760 ft
Temperature: 75 degrees with snow!

This was a hike of firsts.
The first time I've hiked in shorts through a few feet of snow (it was that warm!)
The first time I've hiked with a 3-year old (Martin)
Most importantly, this was Martin's first official SUMMIT!

It was a beautiful day, with the temps clocking in around 75 degrees. We had our official hiking shorts ready, only to find that the trail was either underwater or under two feet of snow almost the entire time. To make things worse, the snow appeared to be firm, yet collapsed under our weight more often than not.

While Martin H. and I have hiked a few different ADK trails together, we had a new hiker join our team for this trip. He's a hearty young chap who doesn't mind getting dirty, has unbelievable stamina, and apparently is driven almost completely by the hope of eating M&M's upon reaching the summit. The kicker? He's only 3-years old! Little Martin (son of big Martin) did an amazing job on his first summit, helping us keep on track by spotting the red trailblazes all along the trail.

Arab Mountain Firetower (w/ Martin inside)

The Martins (taken from the firetower)

The Firewatcher's Cabin on the Summit

After hiking through mud and snow, the summit was definitely worth it, as we were welcomed with a 360 degree view, accessible firetower, and even the old cabin of the firewatcher. I could have spent all day up there. Absolutely beautiful. We came upon 4 Clarkson University students that were camping on the summit all weekend, which has now sparked my desire to get back up there ASAP for an overnight camping trip (complete with outhouse, surprisingly enough!).

Our descent took about 1/8 the time of our ascent. This was thanks to Big Martin, as he pulled a move only a father could, confidently carrying our little hiking partner down the mountain on his shoulders! After a short drive to Lake Placid, we met up with Emily, Louise, and baby Erik, for a much needed lunch at Charlie's.

It was a great trip of firsts, and hopefully the snow thaws soon so the three hiking-musketeers can get back out on the trail!

Little Martin Enjoying his M&M's on the Summit!


Emma Joy Meunier said...

Hopefully Emma will be such a robust hiker! What a cutie little Martin is! In the first picture it looks like big Martin is carrying a pack the size of an outhouse! Probably juts the outhouse though.

Carlito the Bandito said...

Save Glasgow Mills and Hillabrandt Lake for me. I hear we can rent a romantic yert.