Owls Head - Short but Sweet

Atop Owls Head

Owls Head (2120 ft)

Difficulty: Easy
Date of Summit: 11/22/08
Trailhead to Summit: .6
Trip Time: 2 hrs
Ascent: 460 ft
Temperature: 'teens

Over this past weekend, we were blessed to have two very good friends visit us. Sarah Miller and Andy Sewell, newlyweds and recently installed east-coasters, drove up from Northampton, MA to spend the weekend with us. It was quite a treat for me especially, for I was unfortunately not able to attend their wedding this past summer out in San Francisco, so this was a wonderful opportunity to catch up with them - and of course - do some hiking! After pouring over the map the night before, Andy and I decided to keep our options open with a few different peaks, and wait to make a firmer decision the following day when we arrived in the high peaks area of the Adirondack Park (near Lake Placid).

Chasm near summit of Owls Head

After dropping off the ladies in downtown Lake Placid (Shopping & Starbucks), we quickly realized that the combination of our late arrival to the region and the relatively early sunset time meant that it would be best for us to shoot for a smaller, shorter peak. We decided on Owls Head, which turned out to not only be the perfect size for our small window of free-time, but a wonderful peak to serve as a taste of the Adirondacks for Andy. The trailhead was about 10-15 minutes outside of Lake Placid, towards Keene, and was nestled back off of a private road, with only a small sign that said "trail" to signify it's location. Upon parking, we immediately set foot onto the trail - Andy in my stabilicer cleats and I with my hiking poles - prepared for the worst snow and ice the mountain could throw at us (Andy was so impressed with the Stabilicers that he purchased a pair of his own at the EMS in Lake Placid, immediately after the hike!).

Overcast but still beautiful

It turned out to be an extremely easy hike. After a climb that seemed to consistently reward us with rock outcroppings and miniature views, we found ourselves near the top much faster than we had expected. Due to the cloudy/snowy day, our views weren't superb, but then again I've always been a fan of those overcast days - the trees and landscape seem to evaporate into thin air as they mix with the fog and clouds in the distance. After a bit of snacking and hydration, we set foot back on the trail for our descent, which was equally simple, providing an overall sense of "relaxation" to this hike that one doesn't always find on an Adirondack trail!

Andy Sewell, atop Owls Head

Overall, the hike was wonderful. I can see myself repeating this hike with many different people, thanks to its relatively short length and great view. After completing the hike, Andy and I both agreed that we needed to do this again - perhaps turning a two-hour hike like this one into a multi-day trip, as it appears that we both have a passion for the outdoors, and there's no better place to feed that passion than in the Adirondacks with good friends!

*Special thanks to Andy for providing the camera and taking most of the pictures!

Me, atop Owls Head

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cathy light said...

I will link to your site, from mine. Have not had time to hike enough lately... and my reason for blogging has changed... (as has the content) but I really enjoyed finding your blog, and it has inspired me. thanks!