Cascade Mountain

Almost there...

Cascade Mountain (4o98 ft)
#36 of 46 ADK High Peaks

Difficulty: Steep, straight up the mountain, and overcrowded trail
Date of Summit: 10/30/2007
Trailhead to Summit of Cascade: 2.4 miles
Trip Time: 4 hrs (Cascade & Porter Combined)
Ascent: 1990 ft

This was the first peak we bagged in one day. Although the view from Cascade was beautiful, we shared it with many other hikers, from international hiking professionals to 15-person church youth groups. I summited this peak with my friend, Nathan Meunier, who was visiting from Durham, NC. Since I had hiked McKenzie & Moose just a few weeks earlier, and found a foot of snow on the ground, we both came prepared for some winter trekking (Nate was especially ready - since his fingers and toes go numb at 55 degrees F, his preparedness caused me to mistake him for someone ready to summit Everest). But to our surprise, the fall that turned to winter a few weeks ago had now turned to spring, effectively drowning the entire trail in about 5-10 inches of water and mud. About half the people we passed were hiking in tennis shoes, and I'm ashamed to say I couldn't help but laugh at them (under my breath) for not being prepared. The hike up the mountain was intense and crowded full of people, but relatively short, nonetheless. The last 200 yards before the summit open up to a beautiful bald spot, and the final push reveals the 360 degree view of the ADK's. While I'm aware that this is one of the most popular hikes, I can't blame people for their attraction to this short and beautiful climb. I would do this 10 times again (in off-peak hours to avoid the crowds, that is!).
Nate, hanging on for dear life

View from Cascade Summit


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Charlie R said...

I'm a bit late on commenting, since this post is a few years old. Looks like nothing has changed with Cascade. It's a great day trip and a perfect introduction to the High Peaks. My 8 and 9 year old sons made the hike up and were so proud of themselves for conquering what appeared to them to be an impossible task. Tennis shoes, babies in those slings, guys in loafers, people without water....its crazy, and dangerous, how unprepared some people are.