Porter Mountain

Sign at the Cascade & Porter Trailhead

Atop Porter Mountain

Porter Mountain (4059 ft)
(#38 in 46 Highest ADK Peaks)

Difficulty: Steep, straight up the mountain, and overcrowded trail
Date of Summit: 10/30/2007
Trailhead to Summit of Porter: 2.8 miles (.7 miles from near the top of Cascade)
Trip Time: 4 hrs (Cascade & Porter Summit Combined)
Ascent: 1901 ft

This was the second peak we (Nate Meunier and I) bagged in one day, as the trail shoots off at 2 miles into the Cascade trail (then it's another .7 miles to Porter's summit). This is definitely the less-popular peak between the two, but still very worth the climb. The 1.4 mile round trip side summit actually extended our trip a great deal, since it dips a bit in elevation before ascending to the peak. This peak was actually named after Noah Porter, the Yale University President, as he made the first recorded ascent of this peak in 1875. While the summit is no "bald beauty" like that of Cascade, it was a relaxing break from the busy trail leading up to Cascade.

Nate Meunier Enjoying the vista atop Porter

Probably not the fastest way to get to the airport...

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