Paul Smiths VIC

Emily, in her Adirondack Lean-To

Paul Smiths VIC

Date of Hike: 9/15/2007
Multiple Trails, each with a different length
Trip Time: 1 hr

I've actually visited the Paul Smiths VIC (Visitor Interpretive Center) a few different times. This center is located right next to Paul Smiths College, in the northwestern part of the ADK's. I've taken both sets of parents there, as well as Emily. It's the perfect destination for people that either don't want to do much extreme hiking, or need to be introduced to the outdoors for the first time. There are about half a dozen different trails that all begin from the VIC, including one that is wheelchair accessible. A caveat to hardcore hikers - every single trail is COMPLETELY MULCHED (as in, they've dumped tons of mulch on the trail, for easy hiking), so it felt a bit weird to be walking down trails that seemed like they belonged in some suburban setting. The multiple Adirondack Lean-To's scattered along the trail made up for the mulch, by perfectly capturing the essence of Adirondack hiking history (built by Paul Smith's College students a bit ago). The main visitor-center building itself is well designed, and serves as a nice, free mini-museum about the natural history of the ADK's. The 20-minute video that they show is very helpful for those who want a crash course on the region's history (human and natural). This is the IDEAL place to bring beginners, children, and anyone else that just wants a small taste of the Adirondack region.

View from near the VIC

Up on one of the observation decks

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Emily, could I use your lean-to picture to illustrate an article about canoeing the Oswagotchie? I could pixelate you...I'd really appreciate it!I'd give you full photo credit and linkback.

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